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is he a complicated man or is it jus me


i have been living with my babysfather for four years now we have two kids together one five years old and another one on the waty, i know this may sound stupid but i love him . anyways whenever he sees interested in some one else he alway compare them with me. either my hair is not done right or i need to lose more weight and go to the gym or i need to go to school. everytime i ask him about these woman he says they r just friend. even at times he will tell me i dont stimilate is mind cause i cant hold a conversation or i dont talk to him at all.thats the only way i can tell when he finds another woman to hung out with now this time around he wants me to still be in a relationship with him while he sees this other person on the side who makes him more motivated to do things good in his life and i should compete with that. its even more complicated than that but i just want to know if i change for this man will he love me more or just find something more to change in me. i need to know if i should just call it quits even thought we have kids together or try to make it work on his level.


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