45 Percent of Americans "Pencil In" Sex


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New sex surveys reveal Americans' sex habits.

Two new sex surveys published their findings this week—giving us a glimpse of what goes on the between the sheets of our fellow Americans.

Consumer Reports interviewed 1,000 people between ages 18 and 75 about the frequency of and satisfaction with their sex lives. Working Mother conducted a separate survey of 500 readers—and presumed working moms—about the amount and quality of their time in the sack.


Here are some notable numbers:

93 percent of Working Mother respondents are attracted to their husbands "at least some of the time."

80 percent of Consumer Reports respondents said the recession hasn't reduced their sex drive.

70 percent of Working Mother readers sampled use porn and/or sex toys to spice up the bedroom. (Note: This number would seem more shocking to us had True Tales of Sex After Kids author Kimberly Ford not already told us these are tools she uses but never would have considered before having children.)

63 percent of those working moms want more sex on a regular basis, yet 44 percent are not usually "in the mood" when they have sex (but they end up enjoying it!).

45 percent of the Consumer Reports bunch has, at least once, planned a time to have sex with a partner.

30 percent of people who have turned down sex in the last year did so because they were busy taking care of "children and pets."

29 percent of Working Mother readers polled have sex two or more times a week. More than half reported having sex at least once a week.

And, finally, 66 percent of men and 58 percent of women Consumer Reports surveyed are satisfied with their sex lives.


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