Love Bytes: Movies You'll Both Love

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Chick flicks he'll love, turning off the TV is good for your relationship, and the Obama marriage.

Love Bytes: three must-click sex, dating and relationship links.

Ten alternatives to romantic comedies—i.e. chick flicks men will like. []

This woman cancelled her cable and her relationship blossomed. [Lemondrop]

My boyfriend and I spend our weeknights making romantic dinners, dancing to Frank Sinatra in the living room, working out, reading or playing games. And we're pursuing individual hobbies, too: I signed up for a dance class and joined the alumni association at my college. He wants to take a boxing class.

OK, we get it: Barack and Michelle Obama have an awesome relationship. But is it awesome enough to emulate? One marriage counselor says yes, and she's using the first couple as a model. [Chicago Tribune]

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