We Just Weren't That Into This Movie


he's just not that into you movie
Did the book "He's Just Not That Into You" get lost in translation on the big screen?

He likens this to waiting until the last minute to pay a phone bill or finish a timely assignment. It's just another way we create a soap opera and emergency psychological case study out of situations that could very easily be an open and shut case. Which, in all honesty, is why the simple, golden rules in He's Just Not That Into You struck such a significant chord with women. Sometimes people (men) really are that cut and dry.



But are they? Perhaps the best thing about the movie was also its worst. The sweeping generalizations that made sense on the page seemed overly simplistic when applied on screen.  At one point our sympathies were with the men—so are guys not allowed to be complicated? Sure they have penises, but does that mean they can't be indecisive and confused? They're still human, no?

And as far as the ladies, especially GiGi who was supposed to represent the trusting and naive nature of the female psyche, we felt much would be cured with a few good hobbies. We hear photography is a great creative outlet, and hey, spring is right around the corner so why not get in shape with a hip hop dance class? In fact, we'd like to start a new trend—everytime we find ourselves obsessively checking our phone to see if he's called, then its time to sign up for a class of some sort. Kickboxing, yoga, flame-throwing, basket weaving, cooking, whatever. 

While we all want to fall in and love, and yes, an unexamined life may be one not worth living, it's just that much sweeter to answer his call while conjugating a sentence in French, working on an outline for a first novel, or mixing colors for that portrait we've been aching to paint.

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