lost life


    After that,my relationships were more like FWB as none really worked.  I had good roommates but that really was all they were.  I guess we came into each other's lives at the wrong time.  Or it just would not have worked as I wanted to get back to a different lifestyle.  I could have used some emotional support as wounded as I felt.   One of my acquaintances who was a fine person with very low sex drive had turned lesbian.  But would bring her lover over when that woman wanted "a man".  I liked them, liked the sex, but not attractive to my eyes. 
     The last was one where I thought i was getting what i needed and wanted but was fooled again.  The real person came out when after marriage she had no interest but making money at to worst place restaurants!!  She made a stink about me going to the dentist because my crown would cost $500.00!
Later I had Dental soft tissue abscess which needed immediate care.  All she thought of was the money and she told me she did not like sex and her behavior before was fake.  That was #4  I would just like a good lover for a while. Now that seems impossible as I have been out of work for over a year and am about to become homeless. 

    I have tried internet dating and have come away with a very bad taste.  When you read the Eula one finds in the paragraphs wording to the effect that their employees will contact you (posing as an attractive prospect)  So you waste your money in a fake potential that never comes to fruition.  Ther it is an out line of a frustrated life.

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