The Government & Your Birth Control


birth control
Barack Obama removed a stimulus provision for birth control. Was that wise?

I used to staunchly believe that the federal government's job was to protect us from foreign enemies and domestic tyranny and regulate interstate commerce (a Constitutionalist, as it were) but apparently there is no going back to that being a viable option. It's job now appears to be to protect us from all enemies (including ourselves) and strive to spend money on things that will save us money later.

Anecdote, I brought a young lady questionable repute home from the bar one evening. We retired to the deck for a nightcap and a lively discussion. She attempted to indoctrinate me with her belief that the government (state, local or federal were not specified) should be responsible for providing women with the pill. Fired up on Red Bull and vodka, I didn't know whether to punch or kiss her to stop her from saying such crazy things. I took the high road, went to my room, pulled the covers and promptly fell asleep (it can't be called passing out because my shoes were off). Thank you for opening my eyes, shady lady. If I could go back in time and have that night over again, I would have probably not invited her to my house because she skated with a few DVDs. But I appreciate her wisdom on the pill front.


That being said, responsible sexing is well and good and really something to strive for, but until that time, let's save the taxpayers and families a little burden and at least have a no-shrill conversation about putting some money towards birth control and adult sex education. Practicality sometimes should trump idealism. It's better than a bridge to nowhere.



*Barack Obama is a lefty. As were four of the last five presidents, only George W. Bush bucked the trend.


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