What Sleep Position Says About Personality

What Sleep Position Says About Personality

How you spoon can dictate who you are.

If you like to snuggle while you sleep, you're not alone (in bed or in your preference!). Last week, DearSugar discovered that 73 percent of their readers like to cuddle all night as opposed to solely after sex. While Love Buzz is wondering whether spooning interferes with beauty sleep, DearSugar's curiosity seem to lie elsewhere: the inside or the outside of the spoon. Which position do you prefer?
Your answer may be more telling than you'd think. Post nineties and pre-Obama era, a professor by the name of Chris Idzikowski analyzed sleep six common sleeping positions and found that each is linked to a particular personality type. Two of these positions can be translated to spooning: the fetal position would be the inner spoon, and the yearner position is the outer spoon. A person's preference might explain why they seem to fit seamlessly with some partners, and poorly with others. 
In Idzikowski's study, twice as many women than men reported sleeping in fetal position, the overall favorite of 41 percent of the Idzikowski's 1,000-subject study. If you prefer the inner spoon, Idzikowski would say you are tough on the outside and sensitive at heart. 
If you prefer the outside spoon or yearner position, like 13 percent of those surveyed by Idzikowski, you are likely to be open, but suspicious and cynical. Yearners drag their feet in decision-making, but are steadfast in their verdicts (like deciding how they like to sleep!).

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