Does Sienna Miller Deserve Another Chance?


sienna miller
Is she really a home wrecker? Maybe Sienna Miller is an OK lady.

But, as this goes to press, Balthazar Getty has returned home (and may have plenty of time on his hands there as his gig on Brothers & Sisters is being reduced), Cillian Murphy and his wife aren't divorced, Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn have reconciled, Rhys Ifans will ideally marry Kate Moss one day (dang that Jamie Hince) and Diddy is firmly back with his one true love (some guy named Sean Combs).

Despite being the other woman, allegedly, it looks like she's more of a giver back of grooves. Sometimes you need to see what's out there before deciding that what's at home is actually pretty sweet. And that's why a home wrecker (and not a home wrecker) is a valuable part of the ecosystem. And an important cog in the great machine of celebrity gossip. Let's give her one more chance but if she sleeps with your husband again, you do not have to sent her a Christmas card.


Anyone out there know why a woman scorned often becomes the other woman? Is she just mad at the world? Does she need the pub because indie movies don't make the headlines?

*Note: He was sort of married when they started dating, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation.

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