5 Valentine's Gifts He May Not Want


5 Valentine's Gifts He May Not Want
Say "I love you" with one of these unique(ly ridiculous) Valentine's Day Gifts.

Condom Bouquet
Think flowers are overrated? Want to ensure safe sex for the next month? Give him a condom bouquet! The fresh scent of latex never fades and the bouquet never wilts. And if you're conserving money this year you can even make your own.

A Romance Novel Starring You And Your Honey… Written By Someone Else
Want to put your love in writing? Say it with a novel in which you and your man are the main characters. Too lazy to write? Fear your authoring skills aren't up to par? Get someone else to write it! At Yournovel.com you can select "wild" or "mild," fill in your names and a few personal details and choose from 25 titles, including High Seas Romance, a historical fiction set during the 1800's and Sandhills Fore-Play, a golf-fantasy book. 

Ladies, make it a Valentine's Day he'll never forget.

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