7 Deadly Sins Of Marriage


7 deadly sins of marriage
Avoid these habits to save your marriage.

5. Threatening.
If I pick up one more pair of your socks off the floorso help me God!I'll divorce you! Fine. Go to sleep. I'll just call [insert name of cute co-worker or former boyfriend] the next time I'm in the mood. 
Throwing around the "D" word—or "I" word, infidelity—will only put you both on edge. Imagine life without your husband before you pull out that lethal, hurtful weapon. See number four for ways to avoid nagging–or else.

6. Punishing
He leaves the seat up and you leave his toothbrush in the toilet bowl. He tracks in mud and you dispose of his shoes. 
While vengeful punishments may have passed as play in summer camp or accepted among siblings, spouse rivalry leads to nothing but sour feelings. Grow up and give up on the passive aggression.     

7. Bribing
If you come to the party, I'll make it worth it later. If you get a hair cut I'll start shaving my legs again.
If you think you will whip your husband into shape by using weapons such as sex, think again. Try channeling bribery into compromise and thinking not what your husband can do for you, but what you can do together as a couple. 

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