Doing It With A Drunk


sex with a drunk person
"Low risk drinkers" are at less risk for erectile dysfunction than teetotalers, so what?

"But isn't binge drinking dangerous?" Yes, yes it is and irresponsible. But drinking to excess then making a few bad decisions is a cornerstone of western civilization (and more than a few great romances). I'm pretty sure that after he heard about the Boston Tea Party, Samuel Adams' response was, "Let me get this straight, you guys guzzled some mead, dressed as Indians, crept into Boston Harbor, smashed a bunch of tea crates and then went to an after-party? Classic. Was Washington there? He would have loved it. Hey, stop by if you get a minute I'm just whipping up some beer, I have a feeling that I'm going to get put in the backseat of history by Jefferson on some of these documents we're working through, gotta have some kind of legacy, right? Anyway, you are a wild man. Let me know if you guys are up for trenching Cornwalliss' yard later." Honestly, though, know your limit and flirt with that limit from time to time.

I hope to God Chelsea Handler finally realizes I exist after this post.

Any anecdotes good, bad or indifferent about hooking up with either a drunkard or a drunk person?

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