The Top 10 New Slang Words For 2008


The best love, sex and relationships vocab from 2008.

Sexting. Combining words is fun. Evidently, if you send someone a sexy text message and/ or solicit sex via SMS, you have just engaged in sexting. I sort of have a weird taste in my mouth because I can imagine that people my parents’ age thing this word is really clever and a good idea. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

J*zz (in my pants). I actually bumped into a few people that were under the impression that Andy Samberg invented the term j*zz (meaning to ejaculate). He did not. But he helped bring a golden oldie back to prominence. J*zz (in my pants) can be used by either gender and can be used literally to reference orgasm or to figuratively describe being over-excited by something. It has effectively replaced "blow one's load."


Walk Of Pride. Are you really ashamed that you're wearing the clothes from the night before? Didn't think so, you should be psyched that everyone knows you got some. Own that walk home wearing your expensive club gear, young lady. Do be terribly careful not to roll your ankle though.  

Flexo-sexual. Boys who like boys who like girls who like girls who like boys. Gender orientation has gotten terribly confusing. Some gals dig chicks, some chicks dig attention and, evidently, it’s possible for a girl to be able to figure things out without a label. Oh, except flexo-sexual is a label. Uh, just have fun and we’ll sort all of this out in 2009, Lindsay Lohan

What are some other terms that came into being (or popularity) in 2008? Thanks for reading and commenting, have a happy new year.

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