Tips For A Great New Year's Eve


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Advice to make your New Year's Eve special, whether you're going out or staying in.

Whether you're going out or staying in, YourTango has advice on how to have a fabulous New Year's Eve.

Do Drink Something Warm...


Looking for a low-key, cozy way to welcome in the New Year? How about snuggling up to your honey with a warm cup of glögg? Lest you stress about that charming but pesky umlaut, we’ll toss you a hint: Glögg rhymes with chug. Easy, right? Now here’s another tip: Feel free to use an inexpensive wine, since the added spices will take center stage in this winter cocktail. Get the recipe here.

But don't drink too much!

Earlier this year scientists proved that beer goggles exist. That is, people look more attractive after you’ve been drinking. Read all about it here.

Do Know Your Party Etiquette

Perhaps you've got something special planned for tonight. A sex party, perhaps? If that's the case, prepare yourself with "What Not To Do At A Sex Party."

Don't Spend Too Much Time Cooking

Maybe you're hosting, but the menu isn't quite coming together. Check out this forum, where YourTango users have suggested quick, easy appetizers for a party.

Do Dress To Impress

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