Single In 2009? Move To Atlanta


Atlanta is, per word on the street, the best city to be single. I'm skeptical.

2009 is upon us (yes, all up on us) and with a new year comes change. I understand there is some desire to make 2009 all about the 'new' you. This temptation will last weeks or even months until you realize that the old you wasn't so bad. There are, however, a few things that can't be undone. These double stamps cannot be triple stamped. These things include drastic haircuts (it's cool, it'll grow back), tattoos (it's cool, a butterfly tat will still be significant to you after you've metamorphosized into full-blown womanhood) and moves (it's cool, there are plenty of jobs out there).

Provided that your affairs are in order, making a New Year resolution move feels really good. The new year is a great time to say so long to suck town (whichever suck town you happen to live in) and bounce to greener pastures. But where should you move? I had a roommate in college who perpetually threatened to move to Athens (Georgia not Greece) when things weren't going his way. No one really bought into his posturing but we all realized it's nice to have options. Again, where do you move when you've had it up to here (the neck, I believe, is the breaking point)?

My homies at Lemondrop want you to consider Atlanta. I know the capital of the New South may sound like a risky proposition but surveys (the irresponsible little brother of science) say that Atlanta is the spot to be single in the US. Seriously, those Real Housewives Of Atlanta seem like they're having a ball and one or more of them may be legally retarded. You, a perfectly reasonable young person who looks 29 and is 29, should have a good time in the Dirty Dirty, right? Unfortunately, it's not that easy. I'm from the Atlanta suburbs and was somewhat shocked (I wouldn't say nonplused because no one says that any more, nor does anyone say vexed) that the Phoenix City (so named after that mutha ucka Sherman burned it to the ground) was named a great place to be single. But, Lemondrop says that the ATL (that's what the kids and TI call it) is the spot to be single. I took an informal survey of everyone lady I know and they find this finding highly dubious. Which made me wonder, what if Atlanta is just an awesome city to be a single dude? And if so, what am I doing in NYC?

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