Man's Fascination With Paris Hilton Explained


Man's Fascination With Paris Hilton Explained
There's something about Paris HIlton that guys just love.

So what is it beyond her looks and wealth (supposedly wealth is intimidating to guys, though I don't buy it) that keeps the men gawking? It must be some sort of élan or je ne sais quoi (no, I don't know what it means). You just can't quite put your finger on it. Or is it that deep down in our hearts, all men secretly like any skinny girl who wears revealing dresses, gets drunk, dances on tables and is liable to forget to wear underpants. That must be it. No matter how educated, famous, rich, classy a guy is, there's something in our genes (and jeans, buh dum pah) that makes loose, drunken women unbearably appealing. And despite her diligence and acumen (old girl makes a few million a year doing whatever it is that she does), the real allure of Paris Hilton is this gut feeling that you could show up at a bar somewhere and, with you're A-Game (the same game that landed that 1 girl way out of your league that time in college) and the help of half a dozen shots, bring her home with you. And there's also a deep-seated suspicion that she could teach you a thing or 3*, ideally not in hindsight about the importance of safe sex**.

If your guy carries a little torch for PH, take it easy on him, OK? He can't really help it. Or better yet, wear a skimpy outfit sans panties, get mostly drunk at a nightclub, take him back to a motel and try some moves that you read about in Cosmo.

*Despite 1 Night In Paris being completely vanilla, she looks like she knows things that would make 50 Cent blush.
**There is probably some faction of men that would like to teach her a lesson, with their you-know-whats.
***Also, guys appreciate capriciousness in a one-night stand. It's a relief when she's on the next thing as fast as you.

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