Top Ten Eligible Celebrity Bachelorettes


Britney Spears
Bring your A-game for a shot at these eligible Hollywood ladies.

Alyssa Milano – This eternal bachelorette plays in and out of the Hollywood game, but the key to her heart is sports.  This talented actress recently released a highly successful line of sport clothing for women called Touch, so if you don’t closely follow one of the major three sports (football, basketball or baseball), you might regret approaching her. An ex of Justin Timberlake among others, she likes fun guys who are sure of themselves and are funny.

Ashley Tisdale – This High School Musical star is over the age of consent, so don’t worry about robbing the cradle. This 23 year-old actress and singer is a star on the rise and as she told Maxim, she’s not afraid to be a little aggressive with men.  Grab your guts, look your best and say yes if she asks you out.


Kate Hudson – As we recently reported, Kate is new to the dating game after three long-term relationships.  The mother of son Ryder from her marriage to rocker Chris Robinson, this free spirit (and best friend of Liv Tyler) is wide open to the possibilities of men so show up, have the guts to ask her out and enjoy. Just don’t bore her or you’ll never see her again.

Christina Applegate – A recent breast cancer survivor, this gorgeous star of Samantha Who has an amazing sense of humor and a great spirit.  Divorced from ex-husband Jonathan Schaeck, Christina is the actress who dances, sings and knows comedy inside and out. Make her laugh and appeal to her lighter side and you might have a shot with Kelly Bundy!


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