YourTango's Best Romance Of 2008


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The year's top love stories reveal romance lives around the globe and happens at any age.

Five years after taking our wedding vows, I was shocked to fall madly, passionately in lust with my husband. I'd thought marriage meant making a choice between adoration and ardor, but it turned out both were possible in one package. Okay, it took therapy with a perceptive shrink, figuring out what rang my bell, and asking for it blatantly—several (dozen) times. But when I stopped expecting my mate to read my mind and body, and clearly verbalized what I wanted—exactly the way I wanted it—I got it. Read the rest here.

Life As An Olympic Couple
Olympic sharp-shooting couple takes home three medals, looks to 2012.


Sometimes the toll of becoming an Olympian—the thousands of hours of training and travel and overall turbulence—can take its toll on a relationship. But not this couple. Not when both members are Olympic champions. Read the rest here.

7 Ways To Stay Happy All Year Long
Hint: Treat every day as if it's Valentine's Day.

As a 42 year old male Manhattanite who’s been with the same woman for 17 years, married 12 and had a child for 5 I think I have a few tricks to keep your mate happy. Read the rest here.


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