Do You Need A Love Contract?


Forget the prenup. Can your relationship benefit from a set of emotional and behavioral rules?

Because, if not a contract, then what is a marriage? The vows you spend time customizing to your relationship and commit to, the witnesses, the signing of the license: sounds an awful lot like a two sides of a corporate merger, when you think about it. Maybe this contract business isn't so crazy, after all.

Crespi says it best: "Remember, the marriage vows themselves are a contract which include many of the important issues that couples want. My favorite is 'for better or for worse.' To me that means, 'Even on days when I can't stand being around you, when you're in a foul mood or are otherwise unpleasant, when I wish I had married someone else, or feel like I'd like to kill you, I will remember that I love you, and am committed to you and will allow these bad times to pass - trusting that we will find our way back to the place of love and connection that brought us together in the first place.'"

Photo: Splash News

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