Short On Time? 10 Ways To Squeeze In More Sex


squeeze in more sex
A busy life doesn’t mean you should put “have sex with significant other” in your PDA!

5. Give him your "love touch."

Even if it's just a hand on his shoulder as you take a conference call or a quick squeeze of his knee when you're driving somewhere, skin on skin contact makes you aware of each other's physical presence. A quick pat on the butt or a brush of your hand across his crotch in the morning will plant the seed for a sexual encounter later that night.


6. Dial "O" for orgasm.

If you travel for business, maintain your connection by having phone sex. If describing what you'd like to do to the other person feels weird or intimidating, start by simply telling each other a sexual fantasy and see where it leads.

7. Get frisky in a flash.

The next time he's wrapped up in e-mailing coworkers or his weekly call to mom, lift up your shirt and lift his spirits! Injecting a little naughtiness into the day will definitely get his attention, and it also shows that you're into keeping your relationship playful.

8. Keep your instrument in tune.

Women who touch themselves on a regular basis stay connected to their bodies. Plus it's a great stress reliever. Staying sexual even when he's not around ensures that you'll be much quicker to get in the mood when he does put the moves on you.

9. Don't come around here no more.

Create a sexual cliffhanger by giving each other just enough to get turned on without reaching a climax. Fooling around will leave you both wanting more and also allows you to enjoy each and every sensation since you're not focused on getting to the finish line.

10. Suck it up.

Keeping a relationship sexy and spontaneous takes work, which means that sometimes you need to make an effort, even if you think you're too exhausted. So the next time sleep sounds more enticing than sex, splash some water on your face, slip under the covers and show your love. Not only will it help keep your relationship hot, but you'll sleep better, too.