YourTango Staff's 2009 New Year's Resolutions


2000 New Year's Resolutions
New year, new you, baby!

- Go to more concerts, take more trips, see more of our friends, and do more fun things with the one I love.
- Get my husband to play tennis regularly with me.
- Get insurance for my wedding ring—so I can start wearing it.
Andrea Miller, Founder and CEO

- Invite into my life more patience, more sleep and more time with my hubby.
- Tell all of my single girlfriends that finding a man begins with the little notion that you have a clue what you want. Saying you want a relationship is not enough; you have to "know" what you're after to attract it!
Melanie Gorman, Project Manager


- Love more.
Kevin Osgood, Video Producer

- Figure out what I want out of my relationships and act on it.
- Manage my schedule and make time to see everyone I have relationships with, whether romantic, platonic or familial.
Sarah Harrison
, Associate Editor

- Not be depressed about the fact that I am the only single girl left in my circle of friends.

- Cook at least once a week for my husband.

- Stop dating men whose names begin with the letter "S." I'm moving onto a new letter in '09. Maybe "Q." Anyone know an eligible Quincy? Quentin?
Genevieve Lill, Assistant Editor

- Get all the girls together once a month for a "no romantic relationship talk" get together. A poker game, a few rounds of Yatzee, a sex toy party, anything other than the same old discussions about how men and women always seem to be on different planets. Here's to reserving one day a month for enjoying our friendships and not worrying about our love lives!
Jenny Block, Open Up blogger

- Make love my first priority, every day.
Pat Berardo, Project Manager

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