YourTango Staff's 2009 New Year's Resolutions


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New year, new you, baby!

2008 was an exciting year for YourTango: we moved to a new URL and changed our name from Tangomag to YourTango (does this mean we got married?). Our staff also had an excellent year, with one wedding, one new baby and lots of sex (with other people... mostly).

In 2009 we resolve to continue publishing content that will make you guffaw, tear up, give you goose bumps and make you go "awww." And when we're not working (rarely!) we have personal lives, which occasionally involve relationships. Below, the YourTango staff's 2009 love and relationship New Year's resolutions.  


In 2009 we resolve to...

- Get better-looking.
Tom Miller, Tomfoolery blogger

- Reward myself for hours in the gym with a fabulous new wardrobe, lots of fun dates and mind-blowing sex this coming year. 
- Invoke the "pair and a spare" principle into my soon-to-be very active dating life here in Manhattan.
Kristin Booker, Celeb Love blogger 

- Stop going on pity dates with guys I'm so-so about. I'm going to grow some balls and say "no."
- Stop having rubberband relationships. If there was breakup it happened for a reason, absolutely no reason to revisit out of boredom.
- Stop going home with guys who listen to bad music. Red flag.
Melissa Noble, Love Buzz blogger

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