Relationship Advice: Everyone Is A Little Jealous


Relationship Advice
She wants more time with her BFF, she's jealous of his lady friend and he is not her boyfriend.

Margo from Yahoo's Dear Margo gives us the curious rundown of the couple who isn't. Basically, a guy and gal have been dating and doing what couples do for about a year but he has never introduced her to family and friends as anything more than just a friend. She does not care for this lack of acknowledgement. Dear Margo's advice is to go back to being 'just friends' (with some implicit non-sex-having penalty for him) if he can't handle being in a grownup relationship. Chris Rock says, "If you've been dating a man for 4 months and haven't met any of his friends, you are not his girlfriend." Sage words, also please keep in mind that there is no sex in the champagne room. And furthermore, we're not sure if it was actually in the book but my homegirl Liz Tuccillo would probably say He’s Just Not That Into You and the brilliant Dan Savage would probably instruct you to DTMFA (dump the mother-father already). My advice, cut him loose and see if he fights for you. Life's too short (as is Too $hort) for these kinds of mind games.

So, that's it. Basically, young women are crazy, women and men can (barely) be platonic friends and it's a good idea not to let your feelings get stomped on when you can avoid it. Let me know if you buy into any of this. If you think my advice smells like yesterday's diaper, let me know that too. Foolery… out.

*Note: I will avoid using the word 'beau' in the future, it's a borderline despicable word.