Best Love News & Trends of 2008


Best Love News & Trends of 2008
A roundup of the year's most fascinating relationship news, via Love Buzz.

Google's test lab has created a filter for Gmail users in the habit of second-guessing the content of the e-mails they send late at night. If you've ever said, "On second thought, I wish I hadn't sent (blank) to (blank)," here is your second thought. Read the rest here.

Economy Will Affect Your Wedding or Divorce
The economy affects both the beginning (the wedding) and end of a relationship (the divorce).


When you get down to basics, marriage is about money. Pounding hearts, sweet nothings and lazy Sundays in bed are all well and good, but legally, a marriage creates one financial entity where there once were two. So it makes sense that the economic downturn would affect all stages of marriage, from the beginnings (the wedding) to the end (divorce). The New York Times proves this point in two style pieces this weekend. Read the rest here.

Botox Bridesmaids
Always a bridesmaid, never a wrinkle face.

A bridesmaid's work is never done: buy a $400 aubergine cocktail dress you'll never be able to wear again, get the bride drunk at the bachelorette party, make nice with her creepy uncle groomsman and...inject botulism into your face? Read the rest here.

Husband Takes Wife's Name
Turns out, it’s a three YEAR process.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of women take their new husband's names. Not to say the process has become seamless, but it’s less time consuming or involved than filing your taxes. But what if a guy wants to take his wife's name? Common sense says it should be just as easy—but guess again. Read the rest here.

50 Things Men Wish We'd Remember
Helpful reminders from the staff of Men's Health.

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