Best Love News & Trends of 2008


Best Love News & Trends of 2008
A roundup of the year's most fascinating relationship news, via Love Buzz.

Your Tiny Boobs: Blame 'Em On Your Morning Joe
Coffee is the reason for your small breast size.

Swedish researchers discovered drinking lots of coffee reduces the size of a women's breasts. (Don't researchers study anything important anymore, like a cure for AIDS?). Read the rest here.


Is Avatar Sex Cheating?
Divorce sought after husband cheats on wife in Second Life with avatar mistress.

Affairs used to involve off-the-beaten-path motels, lunch hour and lipstick-stained collars. Private eyes in trench coats would usually be the catalyst for the secret trysts' demise. These days, cheating can happen with a credit card, one's own hand or even an online alter ego or "avatar." Read the rest here.

How to Seduce a New Mother
Hint: You'll need a feather duster.

When you become a mom, you acquire mommy friends. Sure, you may scoff now, but when you need to commiserate about sleepless nights and the endless breast milk versus formula debate, other mothers are the only ones who will listen. Read the rest here.

Vampire Love
Who knows the meaning of eternal love better than the undead?

Vampires haven't been this sexy since Brad Pitt heated up the screen in Interview with the Vampire in the '90s, and they've certainly never been this smitten.

So what's with all the vampire love fangfare (sorry, couldn't resist), anyway? Well, for entertainment bigwigs, what better characters to invest in than those that never age? All My Children producers were ahead of the curve on this one when they hired Susan Lucci. As for the audience, we get love stories that involve temptation, restraint, eternal love and blood-sucking danger. It's almost like watching Survivor, except better.

Stop Sending E-mails You Regret
Google's Mail Goggles prevent e-mailing while intoxicated.