Best Love News & Trends of 2008


Best Love News & Trends of 2008
A roundup of the year's most fascinating relationship news, via Love Buzz.

Love Buzz recorded all the love and relationship news fit to fascinate in '08. While the economy and election dominated our attention, a man became pregnant (and gave birth to a healthy child), vampire love sunk its teeth into the entertainment world, Democrats married Republicans and the recession hit our grooming habits. Here, we've collected a roundup of the year's top trends, news and tidbits about love and relationships.

Oregon Man Is Pregnant
A tale of gender-blurring proportions.


Thomas is legally both male and married to Nancy. He certainly looks the part, too, with a flat chest and facial hair, thanks to surgery and testosterone therapy. His six-month baby bump might otherwise pass for a well-fed beer belly, if Thomas weren’t the unabashedly proud father/mother-to-be that he is, even in the face of judgment from the likes of family members and doctors. Read the rest here.

They Overcame Their Political Differences
"Can A Democrat Love A Republican" author weds her conservative boyfriend.

Can a conservative and a liberal move beyond their political views to find love? The answer is a resounding yes!

Back in January, Caroline Tiger penned our piece "Can A Democrat Love A Republican," in which she wrote about dating someone of opposite political persuasion. While some of her friends were displeased by her choice, (one friend "was afraid of what her husband might do if the talk turned to politics." Another "e-mailed … to tell me he was worried about me."), Tiger was sure that "J" was Mr. Right. Read the rest here.

Your Walk Reveals How Your Orgasm
Study says scientists can predict vaginal orgasms by watching you walk.

Remember that junior high rumor that guys could tell if you were a virgin by the way you walked? Well it's true! Sort of. A new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine claims that trained sexologists can tell if a woman has vaginal orgasms—that is, a gal who can come by intercourse not accompanied by clit stimulation—by the way she walks. Read the rest here.

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