YourTango's Best Sex Of 2008


YourTango Best Sex 2008
Our steamiest revelations, most fearless sexual reporting and best sexpert advice of 2008.

Inside An NYC Sex Club
The founders of NYC sex party Chemistry reveal what goes on behind closed doors.

Meet KennyBlunt and SheilaMonster—a sexually adventurous married couple with a shared appreciation for Burning Man and burlesque. Frustrated with the limitations of the traditional "swinging" scene they experienced at sex parties, the duo formed an exclusive N.Y.C. sex party called Chemistry. The couple place ambiance at a premium—Chemistry books burlesque acts and "awesome" DJs for the event—and its locale in rented Brooklyn loft spaces is both elegant and welcoming. "People can walk in jeans and sneakers or tuxedos and be equally comfortable," says Sheila. YourTango sat down with Kenny and Sheila to discuss the party, the meaning of "lifestyle," and the ways sex clubs can rev up your sex life. Read the interview here.

My Computer Made Me Gay
A computer game introduces one woman to bisexual experimentation—and a girlfriend.

"I see an exciting adventure in your future, a new sexual experience that forever changes you," she said, tracing the sole of my foot with one soft fingertip. Her husband grinned at me from the bed. I sat half-naked in the overstuffed armchair and trembled with nerves. Read the rest here.

The Myth of the Male Orgasm
Believe it or not, men sometimes fake it too.

My friend Alex's "first time" story is rather typical: equal parts awkwardness and pleasure finishing with a big, faked orgasm.

"At some point I realized that as pleasant as the sensation was, this particular stroking motion from intercourse wasn't going to lead me to an orgasm," Alex explains. "So when it seemed like the right time, I grimaced, made some appropriate noises, and no one was the wiser." Read the rest here.

Self Pleasure For Beginners
Tips and advice to make sex with your favorite person even better: a how-to masturbation guide.

It doesn't matter that masturbation is the safest and possibly most satisfying sex you can have, when it comes to a ménage a moi, lots of ladies (and men) are still in the closet.  For starters, let's applaud the fact that we're not living in the Victorian era, when women were restricted from riding bicycles and horses, and some from sewing and squatting, lest they get too excited. Read the rest here.

Sex & The Curvy Girl
How overweight women manage sex, love—and stereotypes.

Last month during an intimate girls' night in, I publicly posed the question that many overweight women wonder but never say aloud: "Is someone only going to marry me to get US citizenship?"

I don't mean to knock cross-cultural love, but the fear I'd always had confronted me a few days before. A woman I knew—a good-looking gal with a great job and also about a hundred excess pounds—just got engaged to a weird-looking guy who I don't think speaks English. Read the rest here.

YourTango had some great sex this year. That is, we published some great sex stories. (We had some excellent between-the-sheets time as well, but we'll save that discussion for another time...)


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