Grooming Still Important In Tough Economy, Ladies


Shaving pubic hair
The economy is being unfairly blamed for a resurgence of female pubic hair.

If you're really into keeping your fun zone perfectly hairless, there are other options. Fine, there's 1 option: shaving*. They've yet to make a hair removal product that doesn't make you feel like you've been brutally attacked by a smell individual. That's it. If you love the perfectly shorn look and your budget for personal grooming needs a $60 haircut each month, just shave yourself**. I know, shaving can cause bumps, but so can waxing (and irritation and wax allergic reaction and ingrown hair). Just be sure to use the utmost care and a not-dull razor. This is not a thing to try while you're fall-down drunk, mildly buzzed may not be a good idea either.

Amy Poehler recalls a time when a "lady garden was as big as a slice of New York pizza." That, I do not remember nor have I got a dog in this fight (symmetry and tidiness are just a given, right?). I'm comfortable with whichever's clever on this front (as are most guys, but erring towards less to start isn't unappreciated) and don't mind a little variety (it is the spice of life), but I do think the poor economy has taken enough abuse for things that it actually is responsible for. Like robbing people of their savings, making small business loans next to impossible to get and possibly ruining Christmas. You wouldn't blame Mr. Potter*** for your unintentionally furry cha-cha, would you?


*Laser hair removal is out there, but if waxing is breaking the bank, forget it. 

**You could probably find a few other things to trim from your budget for $60 per month, eating out being one of them. Wait for it…

***Kudos if you got the It's A Wonderful Life Reference, Clarence.

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