On Being The Breadwinner


On Being The Breadwinner
What's life like for a female breadwinner?

Another harsh relaity? Karbo's problems are particular to a certain social class: many women in low-income and/or single-parent households don't have the luxury of fretting over money and romance. It is not necessarily blue skys for middle- and upper-class women, either. Of course, there is inequity in the workplace which makes working women's lives particlarly rough: women earn less than men do and are constantly anxious of being 'mommy-tracked.' Being a "pampered princess" sounds lovely, but a level playing field to let us be a pampered prince and princess sounds lovelier.

Oh, love and money...is there a better recipe for bitterment resentment? And yet...is there a better recipe for romance and bliss? (And, of course, Bliss?)