What Guys Think: Gifts

What Guys Think: Gifts

Gift guides galore help you hunt down the perfect holiday present for him.

How many times have you heard the word "holiday" in the past week? Well, the season's here and both sexes are scrambling to find that perfect item that expresses love without words. Or actions. Ok, they are just gifts, but they sure are sparkly and fun. Here's what our male media friends are wishing for and thinking of buying us this year:

Esquire's saying "recession, shmecession" and offering a guide to what one can buy for a billion dollars. A man's gotta dream, right?

YourTango's own Tomfoolery blogger Thomas Miller made a list of foolproof gifts any guy would love, and our fashionista friends at SheFinds told us how to find great gifts for guys online.

Asylum's "Secret Santa Guide" offers cheap and clever gifts "for folks you barely know."

Details' Know+Tell blog is craving pocket squares and cologne in "elegant" scents, while fellow blog The Upgrader has a luxe guide to what us ladies might want if we've been extra nice this year.

AskMen's gift spectacular breaks down our potential holiday wishes by category and a range of prices.

And, finally, if you're single, be happy you have one less man on your list to buy for!


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