How To Ease Mother-In-Law Conflict


How To Ease Mother-In-Law Conflict
Feeling tension with his mom? He can help; here's how.

Another seemingly cliché-busting mother-in-law relationship comes from our president-elect, whose mother will be moving to D.C. in January and may even live in the White House with the first family. It may sound crazy—who wants to live with a MIL hovering about?—but living with a grandparent is a great way to score free childcare and, according to Apter, it's pretty common. "Grandparents have an enormously strong emotional tie to their grandchildren, and they also are caretakers far more than you would expect," she says.

And then there's this mother-in-law relationship. Reality star Spencer Pratt calls his MIL "Stalker Mom." In this case we're inclined to agree with the stalker, who says, "I think [the marriage] is the biggest mistake Heidi's ever made." Give advice: Does my mother-in-law hate me?

Tell us, what are your mother-in-law experiences?

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