Top 10 Best TV Husbands


Top 10 Best TV Husbands
From Homer Simpson to Eric Taylor, we've got the best husbands on TV.

Horn-Rimmed Glasses (Heroes). Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) is single-minded in his desire to protect his family. Though he's rarely affectionate with wife Sandra, he clearly cares for her and would (and has) done anything to protect her. His cloak-and-dagger past makes him tough to trust.

Ari Gold (Entourage). Jeremy Piven's super agent is one of TV's best characters. In addition to making things happen for Vinny Chase and company, Ari is a man dedicated to his family. Despite his aloofness, it's impossible not to see his utter devotion to Ari's Wife and their kids.


Bill Henrickson (Big Love). Bill Paxton (we're 100% sure it's not Bill Pullman) plays the patriarch of a polygamist family. Despite having a very busy schedule juggling 3 wives and several businesses, Bill does a great job of making time for the ladies in his life. It helps that Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn) uses her managerial skills to keep the families in line. Despite a tendency to be a little selfish, Bill always does the right thing in the end.

Coach Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights). Kyle Chandler portrays the head coach of the Dillon Panthers football team. In addition to winning football games, Coach Taylor is winning hearts. Wife Tami Taylor is one lucky lady.

Honorable mention, Sandy Cohen (The O.C.). Peter Gallagher's Sandy Cohen is one of the all-time best TV husbands (and dads). I hope that someone figures out a way to incorporate this character into a new show. A Gossip Girl crossover would be awesome. He and Rufus Humphrey would be buddies for life.

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