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Is Dirtbag The New Black?


Is Dirtbag The New Black?
The difference between being masculine and being a jerk.

"Finding the asshole within" is "in" right now for men, says Details magazine, and it's all because relationships are making men less manly.

As relationships become more egalitarian and the world more P.C., author Simon Dumenco writes, some men feel more pressured to seek sex on the sly to prove to themselves testosterone still courses through their muscles as they empty the Diaper Genie.

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By all means, boys: enjoy those happy-ending massages and seek refuge marathan rounds of Halo. Adulthood is hard, y'all!

Harrumph. We beg to disagree: "asshole" doesn't mean the same thing as "masculine."

We think we know which show to blame for this confusion: Mad Men, which is about Madison Avenue advertising men in 1960's America. Lead character Don Draper rampantly cheats on his lovely wife, lies to everyone about his true identity, and drinks hard liquor in the middle of the afternoon. He's a manly man the way men used to be...before all that political correctness stuff appeared.

Sure, Don Draper looks good in a suit, he's witty and charming, and he can put a snot-nosed underling in his place quicker than he can put out a cigarette. But show us a 2008 lady who wants to date a booze-swilling liar and cheater like him. We lovelovelove Mad Men because it is fiction; we don't think it can prop up a dubiously reported trend piece which makes excuses for infidelity

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We agree that it's a perfect television program about manhood in crisis. But it is not meant, in any way, to be prescriptive for modern relationships, a la Details. Good golly, these days, even Brad Pitt is talking about baby poop on Oprah!

So be careful, boys. Those of you in a protracted adolescence may find yourself divorced!

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