Gifting Birth Control?

Gifting Birth Control?
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Planned Parenthood holiday gift certificates rile anti-abortion groups.

Indiana and Illinois Planned Parenthood affiliates are offering gift certificates for their services this holiday season.

Planned Parenthood reps told the media the credits are being offered to encourage women to maintain their reproductive health. With the economy as is, healthcare will likely be lower on one's list of priorities. The organization told FoxNews that, in Indiana alone, nearly one million people are uninsured or cannot afford basic coverage.

Pro-life groups are speaking out against the so-called "coupon for abortion" being offered during the season of a Christian holiday. "They can and will be used to end the lives of children at Christmas," Cathy Ruse of the Family Research Council told FoxNews.

The gift certificates, which are available in $25 increments, can be put towards pap smears, pelvic exams, the purchase of birth control and breast exams, Planned Parenthood has pointed out.

"We see 92,000 patients each year at Planned Parenthood of Indiana, and 5,000 of them opt for abortions," the state's Planned Parenthood CEO Betty Cockrum said, according to the Chicago Tribune. "Ninety-five percent of what we do is provide basic health care."

The latest national statistics show 14 percent of Americans are uninsured. Assuming half of them are women, that's approximately 21 million females who might not have affordable access to routine checkups or birth control. Healthcare is certainly an unorthodox gift choice, but what would a wife, mother or sister enjoy more: a new sweater or the ability to catch a disease in an early stage or prevent an unplanned pregnancy?


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