Sean Avery Is Not Necessarily A Dirt Bag


Sean Avery Is Not Necessarily A Dirt Bag
Sean Avery's "Sloppy Seconds" regarding Elisha Cuthbert explained.

Not that rival hockey teams are necessarily co-workers or friends, but I'd be a little pissed if my ex-girlf dated peers of mine from Georgia (note: Avery is from Canada where the Flames and Canadiens call the ice home). I'd probably make a joke about it at some point. "Hey dog, if you wanna date Donna, tell her you're a relationships columnist from the Atlanta suburbs." Somebody has to have that as a type, right? Fine. I die alone.

Is the term "sloppy seconds" fairly crass? True that, though, to be fair, I believe he was in a locker room. I believe, knowing next to zero about the situation, that he meant no disrespect to Elisha Cuthbert. I think he's a guy that digs attention and was probably trying to stir up some sh*t (and get some people to actually watch hockey games on TV).


For her part, I'm firmly convinced that Elisha Cuthbert can take care of herself. She played Jack Bauer's daughter and I'm sure she could find out in less than 1 commercial break who a terrorist works for. She also made poor Emile Hirsch run naked in Girl Next Door. She's from Canada, eh, originally and isn't just some California chick with a fetish for hosers. Though, as far as I can tell, she is hockey's version of Alyssa Milano (or Bull Durham's Annie Savoy).

I'm guessing that Avery will probably sit his 6 games without further comment and further games against the Flames and the Canadiens will be officiated quite tightly. It's funny that when Paris ran off with Helen, Menelaus launched 1,000 ships and sacked Troy. When Elisha Cuthbert skated off with Dion Phaneuf, Avery launched 2 words and got sacked for 6 games. That'll learn him to not disrespect women.

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