S&M Relationship Turns Deadly

S&M Relationship Turns Deadly

Jade Vixen, dominatrix, escapes from obsessed client who killed her boyfriend, then himself.

A former client of a Philadelphia dominatrix named Edythe Maa shot himself this morning after kidnapping Maa and killing her boyfriend, a New York attorney.

The obsessed client, David Krieg, waited for Maa, who went by the name Jade Vixen, in the parking lot of her residence last night. She'd returned home from dinner with her boyfriend, Anthony Ottaviano, a lawyer at one of New York's high-profile firms, when Krieg shot Ottaviano and kidnapped Maa. She convinced him to let her go hours later. Maa called police after Krieg dropped her off at his relatives' home in Pennsylvania. They tracked Krieg to a restaurant parking lot, where he shot himself.

The New York Post reports Krieg had been stalking Maa, who had dropped him as a client. He was jealous of her relationship with Ottaviano, who was also a client of her S&M alter ego's. A partner at Ottaviano's firm, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, told the Post: "He was a really nice guy. He was a hard worker. He was conscientious. He was careful."

Relatives of the victims today are dealing not only with the death of loved ones but also with the fact that their sexual proclivities are now public laundry. For Maa, it's unclear whether she'll continue her work in fetish S&M or return to her pursuit of an engineering PhD at the University of Pennsylvania.

Photo of Jade Vixen: CollegeOTR.com


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