Montag Mom Gives Marriage Six Months

Montag Mom Gives Marriage Six Months

Heidi’s mother speaks out and doesn’t have anything nice to say.

This week’s Us Magazine (heretofore known as The Hills Weekly) has an exclusive interview with Darlene Egelhoff, Heidi’s mother, where she accuses Spencer of drugging her daughter to get her to marry him and has basically nothing but concern for her daughter and her “marriage” to professional bad guy, Spencer Pratt.  Mrs. Egelhoff goes on to explain, “Spencer has tried to cut everyone out of her life…I've been honest with Heidi, and it's caused our relationship to decline. I'm more devastated about that than the marriage, because I'm confident the marriage won't work out.”  When asked how long she though the marriage would last, she gave it six months and says that “I think it's the biggest mistake Heidi's ever made.”  

In their defense, Heidi says that she didn’t invite her mother because “she was starting so much drama” and says her mother should be happy for her that she’s found someone to love.  Her “husband”, who calls Egelhoff “Stalker Mom”, had this to say: “I think her mom needs to take a real fat chill pill and be happy for her daughter.” 

I’ve now covered this developing plotline for a while and what I’ve said bears repeating: when all of your friends, your family and basically a few million viewers think this is a bad idea, you should listen.  Having watched The Hills since the beginning, Heidi doesn’t exactly have good taste in men but this thing with Spencer has gone really far.  I’m pretty sure it’s just for the cameras but this is such a horrible message to send out there for people who are even remotely considering doing something like this. 

Since I’ve covered every angle of this story and I’m tired of becoming nauseous every time these two famewhores hit the newswire, let me try a different angle, which is what will happen if and (prayerfully) when this ends.  This is a girl who is famous for being famous, like Paris Hilton but without the family money and years of experience behind her.  The two of them have effectively made careers out of being completely unlikable.  If she finally decides to break away, what kind of career can she possibly have?  This is someone who has turned her back on her friends and her family because she’s determined to be right.  Hopefully, she’ll have someone to help her when she lands because the reality of this situation once the cameras stop caring and the public turns on them, which has already started from what I can tell.  Because the reality of these decisions is really going to hurt once it’s off television.



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