Nice Girls Finish Last; Be Naughty This Holiday


Nice Girls Finish Last; Be Naughty This Holiday
Peace and love are overrated—this holiday season stop being the nice girl.

Are You My Mother?

Nice Girls… do it all alone.


There are cards to send, gifts to buy and food to shop for. Your husband expects his name to be on everything, but the only effort he's putting in is enough to flip the channel after you told him that watching boxing on TV won't help you box up these gifts. 

Naughty Girls… put him to work.

Write out a list of everything that needs to be done, split in half and let your guy choose which one he's going to take on. "Hearing a long, verbal list of things that needs to be done not only makes it easy to forget—it overwhelms me but a list is something tangible I can tackle," says Harold, 33 from Ann Arbor, MI.  Motivate him with rewards for each completed task such as a flash for taking out the trash or some below-the-belt play once the cards have been mailed.

Do Unto Others...

Nice Girls… give to charity.

Funds are low and you've got presents to buy for your trendy sister, deserving mom and best friend. Still want to help? Think Pink.  From Coach's Multi-Charm Key Fob to KitchenAid's pink stand mixer, there are a wide variety of products that will not only please your loved ones but also benefit breast cancer research.

Naughty Girls… give a little selfishly.

Looking for something a little friskier than a bake set? Check out Babeland's Come for a Cause package which includes a waterproof Papillon vibrator which is designed to match the curves of a woman's body and a hard plastic shell vibrates strongly. Now that's charity we can get excited about!

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