Nice Girls Finish Last; Be Naughty This Holiday


Nice Girls Finish Last; Be Naughty This Holiday
Peace and love are overrated—this holiday season stop being the nice girl.

At his annual holiday party, your man's flirty co-worker has been working your last nerve with her blatant man-baiting lash-batting. When she leans over the punch bowl and her cleavage spill out of her sparkly top (she must shop at Hot Topic) the nice girl in you says "let it go, she's just being friendly."

Naughty Girls…  stoop to their level.


Diplomacy is nice, but there's a difference between being tactful and being a doormat. Don't start an I Love New York-style throw down, but do let her know that she's out of line. A simple, "Why don't you take care of refilling your drink, and I'll take care of flirting with my fiancé," ought to do the trick.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Nice Girls… don't make demands.

Your man gets you a paisly scarf that screams, "I just bought this off of the clearance rack yesterday!" Or worse, he gets you nothing at all after you have made it clear you wanted to celebrate the holiday. You know he hates shopping, though, so you smile and tell him you love it.

Naughty Girls… know that if there's no thought, it doesn't count.

OK, so not every gal is going to get a pair of Louboutins or a set of diamond studs, but if you've told your man you appreciate gifts and he shows up with a hollow chocolate Santa you have a right to be pissed. "It's not so important that my partner get me a huge gift, but I want to know that he put some thought into it. Not getting a gift is just mean, unless both parties agreed not to. I really think it is important to let your partner know that they are important and you want to please them," says Adessa Williams, 28, from New York City.

Being in a relationship means taking the time to celebrate your partner and your union at special times, and this can be done even when funds are low. There are plenty of thoughtful presents that can be presented to a partner that don't cost a fortune: a poem, a homemade dinner or passes to a play at a local college all show you care and you've put thought into the occasion. Your man should know this, too.

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