Madonna and A-Rod Preparing to Shack Up

Madonna and A-Rod Preparing to Shack Up
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The singer and the slugger go real estate hunting in NYC.

Wow, Madonna is not one to let grass grow under her feet. After being seen with A-Rod in Mexico over the Thanksgiving holidays, our friends at The Superficial report the pop star and her million-dollar player were seen shopping for real estate over the past couple of days. The article quoted Page Six as saying, “Madonna personally came to look at one house a couple of months ago, and Alex has been looking recently…We're talking about private, double-width mansions in the vicinity of $30 million to $60 million." They're also interested in getting a house "with a garage that you can drive into for additional privacy - although those are rare and hard to come by.” For those of you who don’t live in NYC it's true: garages are not that easy to come by.  That’s actually the least ridiculous part of this entire story.

You know, only Madonna would rebound from her marriage with a multi-million dollar baseball stud. I mean, the ink is barely dry on the divorce decree and she and A-Rod are already looking at real estate?  Madge, you just barely got out of your divorce without losing a significant amount of your multi-million dollar fortune. You’ve got to move in with A-Rod like a typical celebrity? I guess this negates the rumors that he’s going through a phase and wants to go back to Cynthia. I mean, $30-60 million is one Hell of a phase to go through.

Plus, you’d figure someone as versed in sports as A-Rod is would understand the concept of rebounding. Madonna is coming out of a marriage where there were obviously some serious issues and she’s got some serious stuff to work through before shacking up with someone. You may think someone’s your soul mate but you’d better be a little more certain and give it a little more time before you get property involved. Madonna already has significant real estate holdings around the world and a seriously nice apartment here in NYC.

Neither one of them seems to be thinking rationally at this point. Then again, if you were coming out of what appears to be a long relationship where you felt embattled, you might go a little crazy, too.  Just have the attorneys involved this time, Madge. You’re still worth more money than even A-Rod, so protect yourself and, you know, respect yourself.


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