A Man, His Haircut And Your Opinion


A Man, His Haircut And Your Opinion
His haircut may be a battle that you should just avoid.

What we fear more than your input on our hair is anything to do with your hair. First of all, we understand that it took a really long time for you to get that old rat's nest to look exactly like it does. Unless you don't care what it looks like (and we wouldn't be having this conversation if that was the case), chances are you think it looks cool. Also, we have a pretty good idea how much your haircut cost and the final verdict is that we're partially vexed that it could run so much and it look quite similar to when you started. And finally, we fear the drastic hair change. There is a theory that any major hair change in a woman's life is accompanied by an equally major life change. And while that pixie cut is new and exciting, he knows that it may precipitate you quitting your job and/ or dumping him (possibly for women). Tough sledding, to say the least.

So where does this leave us? More or less back to double-standard berg. We appreciate your input (provided that it's positive) on our hair choices and would prefer that you to keep your hair identical to the day we met you (when possible). It's not a lot to ask.




The first time that I decided to shave my head, the girl I was "dating" was vehemently opposed to it (it was college, hence the quotes for dating). It may have been that she thought I had cool hair and it may have been that she knew that most of the decisions I make at 4 AM are regrettable. For her efforts, she got thrown in a pool many times and I looked like a member of a violence gang. Maybe she (and every other woman in my life) was onto something. I just shaved my head a few days ago and have realized that I am not a Hollywood action hero. And unlike Bruce Williams or Vin Decent, I am not pulling this off. Maybe I'll remember this next time, provided that one is telling me what to do.


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