Wedding Songs Get Jiggy With It

Wedding Songs Get Jiggy With It

Newlyweds replacing traditional love songs with upbeat numbers for their first dance.

As we know, traditional weddings are out and unique weddings—be them green, red or otherwise—are in. Weddings today are about adding a personal touch, and one of the clearest ways couples are choosing to convey their distinctive personality is through music and, specifically, the ceremonial first dance at the reception.

Love Buzz knows a couple who, since the groom was in the music industry, had their DJ friends clamoring to control the tunes at their reception. Rather than choose one friend or genre, the couple delegated slots to all their musical pals and had a rockin' time indeed. For some newlyweds, controlling the music isn't enough, they want to perform for their guests, too.

The plethora of first dance videos circulating the internet speak to the trend becoming commonplace. Couples would rather get down to songs like Sir Mixalot's "Baby Got Back" rather than slow dance to Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World." But, should you mourn the hours of ballroom dancing lessons couples used to dedicate to their first dance, watch the newlywed pair in the video below and know that a routine like this—while not your average foxtrot—was certainly well-rehearsed.

If you and your betrothed have a special talent, will you incorporate it in your wedding?




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