Lindsay and Sam Spend Thanksgiving Apart

Lindsay and Sam Spend Thanksgiving Apart
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Amid rumors of fighting and a relapse, they separate over Turkey Day.

Hmm, looks like trouble in paradise for Lindsay Lohan and girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Celebitchy reports the two were separated during the holiday season: Lindsay was seen leaving a medical building and Sam was spotted at LAX.  Both were evidently in pretty foul moods.   

This news comes after rumors that the previously inseparable couple has been seen quite separated lately and arguing when they are together, with news of a horrible screaming match at a party in Dubai. Speculation on why the couple is fighting could be per Lindsay’s relapse, having been seen recently drinking vodka on a surveillance tape at a Washington D.C. party.  If Dubai proved to be just as challenging, Sam might be having some serious concerns.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with someone who has substance abuse issues, you know how challenging it can be, especially if the person is consistently in situations where their addiction is taunting them all the time.  Unfortunately, Sam’s job means that she works clubs and parties where there are hundreds of temptations for an addict.  If there are issues between the two, it’s likely that Lindsay’s demons overtook her and she’s slipped.  Although, anyone with addiction issues will tell you she should have checked herself back in or called a sponsor the minute she slipped.  If she didn’t or is continuing to fall further back into addiction, it could be the ultimate strain on her relationship.

Spending time apart during a holiday is definitely a sign of concern for a couple.  If addiction issues are one of the issues they’re facing, this could spell a sign of inevitable demise for the two if they aren’t able to come to some resolution.  If any of you are facing addiction issues of your own, there is help out there for any issue. If you are dealing with a relationship where addiction is a factor, know that addiction doesn’t just affect the addict’s life but the lives of those around them.  You have to decide where you begin and the relationship might inevitably end.



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