Morning News Feed: Monday, Dec 1


Morning News Feed: Monday, Dec 1
World AIDS Day, ant aphrodisiac, dump doctors and British one-night stands.

He is lucky that he didn't pull this crap in China. According to Reuters a Chinese "entrepreneur" is being sentenced to death for selling a fake aphrodisiac. Made from ants. The real problem wasn't the ant love juice, but that he bilked investors out of $439 million, promising them returns as high as 60%. When something appears too good to be true (like ant Viagra or a company that sells said ant juice), it probably is.

Sometimes you get executed for fraud and sometimes you get fired for surreptitiously filming coworkers having sex in a cubicle. Asylum caught up with the guy that filmed 2 coworkers getting it on in the office and letting it leak online. He was subsequently fired. Interesting story about privacy, corporate policy and bad decision-making.


On the topic of decision-making, it appears likelier that sexual preference is not a decision. According to the Mercury News, scientific evidence shows that there are some other genetic markers showing that being gay is biological. Also, gay men are more prone to left-handedness. It feels like people have been saying that for a long time and thus refer to bisexuals as switch hitters. Clever.

Some interesting news out of New Zealand. The New Zealand Herald reports that there is a likelihood for women who have had an abortion to suffer from mental health problems. It's hard to make any jokes about smoosh-smortion, so we'll just wonder if the ordeal of the procedure is so mentally scarring or if people with a little bit of a screw loose are just likelier to become unwantedly pregnant.

Sometimes life hands you lemons and you make whatever juice you choose to. The Daily Bedpost answers a reader's question about being the girl on top with her parapalegic boyfriend with a product suggestions. So, if your legs are getting too tired from having sex on top (as a woman), check out the Bodybouncer. Could be a good Christmas gift.

Speaking of Christmas gifts, how much would it cost to really show your 'true love' how much you care? According to the Associated Press, it would run you about $86,000 to provide all of the gifts from "The Twelve Days Of Christmas." How about a just using that money to buy a house?

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