Is Whitney Taking Bobby Back?

 Is Whitney Taking Bobby Back?

Another sign of the apocalypse: the tragic duo might give it another go.

Is there something in the air for dysfunctional couples to give it another try? This morning Perez Hilton reports that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown might be giving it another try. The Chicago Sun Times has reported numerous sightings of Whitney and Bobby at romantic dinners in Atlanta recently. Reports also say that the couple’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, is excited for her parents to get remarried.  

I don’t even know where to begin with how bad of an idea this is. The couple not only fell into years of drug-addled drama but decided it would be a great idea to air their dysfunction on a reality show. Anyone who watched Being Bobby Brown remembers how completely crazy this couple really was together, not to mention how tortured their kid appeared to be, especially after Bobby sued Whitney in the custody battle.

Look, I’m all for second chances but this is a couple who might spell more trouble together than they ever do apart and again, what signal does this send to their daughter? Whitney had a bright and shining career and it appears that her descent into undisclosed issues related to her marriage all but destroyed it and that gorgeous voice. Poised to make a comeback, is it wise to go all the way back there after she’s worked so hard to go forward? I’m not saying she has to continue to see guys like Ray J. but we know that Bobby might not exactly be the best choice.  The bad boy addiction may be her last hurdle to getting her life together.

Sometimes the past looks more comfortable when you’re poised to move forward into new and uncomfortable territory. This is what keeps that friend or person you know and love who is just with the wrong person with that wrong person for longer than they should be. Sometimes it’s the devil you know that you’d rather keep than the prospect of the devil you don’t. Unfortunately, this is not a recipe for happiness and life is just too short not to do what is best for you. In Whitney’s case, while her relationship made for great reality television, it doesn’t appear to be the best idea for a healthy, happy marriage. People marry Mr. Wrong but they don't have to go back for more. Be careful, girl!



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