What Guys Think: Thanksgiving Edition

What Guys Think: Thanksgiving Edition

How to date a gamer girl, GQ's Men of the Year, man who went on 500 dates and smells below the belt.

Before you feast on turkey and fixings, eat your heart out on the latest from some of YourTango's favorite male-centric sites.

Asylum has advice from a World of Warcraft player and Web sitcom star on how to date gamer girls. First bit of advice: "Most of the female avatars in World of Warcraft are actually guys. So if you're a guy looking to meet girls, you need to make sure to put the person you're interested in through that vetting process." Good to know.

GQ's 2008 "Men of the Year" selection includes juicy shots of the Boston Celtics NBA championship starting line-up, Leo DiCaprio, Mad Men's Jon Hamm, The Killers' frontman Brandon Flowers and President-Elect Barack Obama.

AskMen "Weekly Sex Q&A" tells a man his girlfriend's bad smell down there could be the result of an infection, STD or simply bad hygiene.

Thrillist challenges readers to sign up for Darwin Dating. The online dating service, previously reviewed by YourTango, lets users rank new members for a two week period on a scale of 1 ("chimpanzee") to 5 ("sexy human") before they gain access to DD's "dazzling array of complete narcissists."

And, YourTango has a video with Ron Geraci, the Men's Health columnist who went on more than 500 dates and lived to write about it, both in the mag and his book, The Bachelor Chronicles.


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