Religion, Faith And Spirituality In Relationships


woman praying meditation
Religion and relationships: interfaith dating, sex and spirituality, dating and more.

Is Divorce A Sin?
The relationship between divorce and Christianity is fraught with tension, faith, and war.

Single In Iceland: Marriage Is Not A Priority
In Iceland, women want commitment and spirituality not marriage and religion.



You, Me & God: Interfaith Dating
Advice for dating someone of a different religion.

11 Reasons To Date A Church-Going Guy
Tired of bad boys? Try going for the ultimate nice guy.

Do Women Of The Clergy Have The Toughtest Dating Lives?
Women of the clergy have God, but not men.

Lost Until I Found Jew
JDate Review: Why an online dating site aimed at Jews has interfaith appeal.

Dear God, I'm Ready To Meet The One
Got Faith? For religious (and spiritual) singles, it's a way to find love.

Religion, faith and spiritualiy are essential components of a relationship—or are they? Religion is a fraught topic in today's society, and YourTango wants to help answer your questions about interfaith relationships, conversion, sex and religion, dating someone of a different faith, spirituality and religion within marriage and other questions. Check out our stories below to learn more about the intersection of love, sex and religion.


Conversion & Interfaith Relationships

The Secrets To An Interfaith Relationship
How couples find compromise living with two Gods under one roof.

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