Would You Go Under The Knife For Him?

Would You Go Under The Knife For Him?

Study finds one in five British men want a nip and tuck for their ladies.

Depressing: a study of 2,000 men in Britain found 16% think their wives could use a little nip and tuck, while 6% would like to see a "complete overhaul."  Till her refusal of plastic surgery do us part, I guess?

A third of men said plastic surgery would spruce up their sex life (um, have you actully felt a fake boob?) and a fifth said plastic surgery could actually save their marriage.  Oh, please.  Just divorce right now.  Here, use my lawyer.

Men thought their wives would look better with work done on her tummy, legs and boobs, in that order.  Thirty-six percent said they'd never suggest their wife get plastic surgery because she'd be offended, while 16% percent said they might bring it up.  Here's hoping that the wives of those 16%-ers actually want a jab of Botox to the forehead and will be overjoyed at the suggestion, not hurt.

Still...what sexist nonsense, only asking husbands about wives but not wives about husbands.  I understand that some men (23% of those in the study, to be exact) are rueful for the way their wife looked on the day he married her.  But have potentially dangerous plastic surgery proceedures become so standard that some men are hoping their wives will go in for a tune-up, despite it's affect on both their wallets and her self-esteem? 


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