This Week We Learned...

This Week We Learned...

This week's greatest hits.

Happy Friday!

This week on YourTango we learned that cuddling can reduce work stress, women want short-term flings with men who have facial scars, and which romantic movies are worth your time this holiday season. So at the end of this busy week, just a few days before Thanksgiving here's your romance and relaxation prescription: find a pock-marked man (maybe you already have one!), take him to a holiday flick and then drag him under your down comforter. You'll be full of holiday joy, free of anxiety and by Monday you'll be ready to kick him out of bed.

We visited with a celibate stripper, realized that French women know everything and delved into the television vs. sex debate. Perhaps (you're thinking) the exotic dancer had a TV in her bedroom, which she watched instead of getting it on? Or she was French, and knew she didn't have to date to have a full life? Non, mes amis, to find out what's really going on you'll have to read the posts...

Additionally, we discovered which celebrities have foot fetishes, who the best Hollywood babies really are (sorry Forbes!) and the details of Madonna's divorce settlement. Celebrities... they're just like... us?

What will we learn next week? Visit us then to find out...

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