John Mayer Meets Mr. Aniston

John Mayer Meets Mr. Aniston

It’s looking kind of serious as the former playboy meets the parents.

Ooh kids, it’s looking kind of serious up in here with John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston.  Star Magazine is reporting that the stud muffin singer/player of all things guitars and girls is taking things to the next level by having dinner with her father, actor John Aniston and his second wife, Sherry Rooney and another unidentified couple. Reporting the story with a level of detail that makes you wonder if either the table was miked or every person around the table was a planted spy, evidently the meeting went well, with John reportedly nervous, fidgety and texting under the table (you wonder if he had a buddy sending him crib notes via SMS to make sure he didn’t flub the meeting), but that the meeting went really well and he evidently made a good impression.  The article says that when Jen’s stepmother teased him about his nerves, he likened the meeting to auditioning for Dancing with the Stars.  But evidently the meeting at the legendary Beverly Hills Polo Lounge went well and John and Jen were affectionate, she giving him reassuring touches throughout the meal, him responding positively. Proposal Watch 2008 has officially begun.

For all of us who have had the meet-the-parents moment, we know that this is a big deal, especially for a divorced person.  It’s hard enough finding someone you will expose to your friends after the demise of a marriage, much less exposing your parents to your new potential partner.  It is kind of like Dancing With The Stars, yes…or in worse case scenarios, Celebrity Deathmatch.

During the holiday season, a lot of first-time meetings with parents will start to happen so it might help to know that even celebrities get nervous when meeting the folks. Take a cue from Jen Aniston and be as reassuring as possible to help your new mate get through the nerves. If you’re the one meeting the parents for the first time, just remember to be yourself.  The meeting is important, yes, but it’s not a firing squad.  Just relax and go with the flow. They really just want to make sure that you’re the best match for their child and most of the time if things are meant to be, you’ll be calling them Mom and Dad in no time.  They'll come around.



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