Dating Advice From Tila Tequila (It's Good!)


Reality TV star Tila Tequila offers some surprisingly sage dating advice in her new book.

It's easy to write Tila Tequila off as nothing more than a shameless attention whore. She'll admit it. She did, afterall, become a household name due to her alleged bisexuality on MTV's "A Shot With Tila Tequila." She was also Playboy's first Asian cyber girl of the month and managed to accumulate over a million MySpace friends thanks to being synonymous with sex-drenched pictures and raunchy music with singles like "Stripper Friends." Bikinis and all, Tila Tequila was careful never to peddle herself as a brainy, self-marketing genius—but she's easily the most clever bimbo this side of Paris Hilton. Learn more about her inner world with a few choice excerpts from her book, Hooking Up With Tila Tequila.